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Knowledge creates beauty.
Medically cosmetic ingredients for a beautiful skin.

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Glô Minerals

Let us convince you of this unique cosmetic brand, because we have set ourselves the goal of making cosmetics and skin care a very special experience for you. Experience flawless cover combined with powerful antioxidants, green tea extract, UV protection and much more. Naturally unperfumed, without chemical additives and without animal experiments, without parabens and mineral oils. 


Farfalla is the Swiss specialist for natural cosmetics and essential oils in organic quality.
Our natural cosmetics live with the knowledge of aromatherapy and osmology: products with essential oils have a holistic effect on humans and become a sensual perfume experience.

Ethical action towards all: producers, employees, customers. We understand our raw material suppliers as partners, know them personally and maintain a long-term trustworthy cooperation. We import our raw materials directly from small producers, farmers and cooperatives worldwide.

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«With us, you are not only a customer but also a guest. Immerse yourself and let go.»