Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues to enhance  health and well-being. It also releases tension and loosens up muscles.

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Classic Wellness massages

choice of Aromatherapy oils

  • relaxing or stimulating
  • full body or particular zone
  • choice of Aromatherapy oils
Classic30 Min.70.-
45 Min.90.-
60 Min. 120.-
75 Min. 140.-


The ayurvedic massage from India, in which not only the muscles but also the mind relaxes. Warm sesame oil is poured over the body and massaged with flowing movements. The body is purified, strengthened and harmonized.

Abhyanga90 Min.180.-

Bali - Massage

As an entry into this energizing treatment you will enjoy a relaxing and warm foot bath. Then with pressure from the thumbs and fists, the energy flow of the body is stimulated. Flowing strokes with the forearms and gentle stretches make this massage an experience. High quality coconut oil leaves the skin with a wonderful aroma and feeling silky soft.

Bali90 Min.180.-

Hot-Stone Wellness massage

The fascinating connection between massage, aromatherapy and thermotherapy. Hot or cold basalt lava stones glide over the body, resulting in a deep relaxation. The Hot-Stone Wellness Massage increases your positive energies and harmonises body, mind and soul.

Hot-Stone90 Min.180.-

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